What is the best SEO tips of quick ranking in 2021? | Best 12 SEO Tips

best seo tips for quick ranking 2021
best seo tips for quick ranking 2021
Search engine optimization is a continuously changing process. To get quick ranking, it becomes important to update knowledge about which SEO techniques to follow and which to ignore.
Here are some of the best SEO tips that will lead to results.

1- Write useful, engaging and unique content

Freshness of the content is one factor that is preferred by the search engines. If you are a B2B or B2C marketer, in both cases you need to create unique content for every page consistently to improve your rankings. Maintaining a helpful blog for readers of your niche also works.

2- Create faster loading pages

According to the data from Strange Loop even 1 second more taken in loading the page can cause approximately 7% loss in conversions. It is alarming. Take care of your page load time. Remove anything present in your site that makes it slow.
– WordPress users should consider deactivation of the plugins they rarely use and need.
– Make the sidebar clean and put only useful widgets there.
Faster loading pages improve the user experience and reduce the operating cost for the website owner.

3- Link building with trusted sites works

Link building is fundamental to smart SEO planning. Make a list of authoritative blogs in your niche and give their reference from your own content. This technique is important as it sends traffic that can be tracked by the user. It is advisable to stick to only quality sites as it will build trust in your niche.

4- Write content for humans first then for search engines

Previously the keywords were used to drive search results. But the new approach emphasizes on writing for humans first then the search engines. It is the humans that will be going to react to your offerings. Write content aimed at helping others.
Search engine follow users. If you are writing engaging and useful content for the users, you also build trust with your audience gradually.

5- Ask other trustworthy sites to link to you

Inbound links still matter in search engine rankings. Google rewards a natural link profile with dofollow and nofollow links both. If you have established yourself in the industry by creating useful content, many people would link to you naturally.
6- Get web analytics to track what works
Once you have set up your search engine optimization goals, the next first thing is to get a web analytics software. Google Analytics or Google Search Console would work perfectly. It will track what’s working for your ranking objectives. Tools like CrayEgg tell the places on your website where your users are clicking and how they went away from your site.

7- Write relevant meta descriptions for every page

Search engines don’t like duplicate content. Write unique and related meta descriptions for every page. You can be penalized by duplicate meta descriptions. By installing the All-In-One-SEO Pack or Yoast plugins, you can fix the duplicate meta descriptions.

8- Use user friendly URLs

Make URLs readable by the user. If it is not understood by the users then search engines may also be confused with it. It can be long but there should be no numbers or characters. Only words and dashes look good in this case.

9- Go Social

Sharing useful content on social media platforms may impact rankings. Don’t forget to add share buttons and ask people to share your content with their audience. Hosting a social media contest can be a good idea.

10- Write the relevant keywords in your images

A user who is looking for a particular image searches it by a keyword so the image should have the right image name and the caption.

11- Avoid changing domain name

The age of a domain name and internal webpages also adds to the success of your search engine optimization efforts. The older your website or web pages are the better are the chances to rank.

12- Make a mobile-friendly website

Mobile users are increasing faster. The website should be responsive and ready to be viewed for all types of devices. It supports the optimization efforts.


These are some SEO tips that can help you achieve better search engine rankings. More organic traffic means more leads and more revenue opportunities.
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