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Data Miner


Hi everyone! Hope you are well. Today I’m going to discuss about Data Miner or Data Mining. It is a big part of Data entry and Data Mining. So, who work in the data entry sector. They must need to know about data mining and Data Miner. So, let’s start the discussion without any waste of time.

Basically data miner is a tools. It takes data from websites and give us with a readable format into MS Word or MS Excel. Many people use Google Docs or Google Spreadsheet to read their data.

It makes easy to take huge data from a website within a minutes and we can design these data to Docs or excel file. It saves time and less the work. If you’re want to be a data entry worker. You must need to know about Data Miner. Today I’m going to show some tools for you:

Number 1: (Python)

Python is a programming language. It’s help to extract data from a website and we can formatted huge data within minutes. Otherwise, if one ecommerce website have 2000 products. You want to extract all products information and paste into Google Spreadsheet. So, if your want to do this copy paste manually. You need huge time and need hard work. But if you’re use Python, it will be very fast and more easier to extract 2000 products. So it is very important to know about data miner Python.

Number 2: (Kaggle)

Kaggle is a similar tools of data miner Python. If you use Kaggle to extract data. It will save your time and less your work to get huge data from website. So, if you’re don’t know how to use Kaggle. You can take help of YouTube or you can comment. I’ll publish an article about how to use Kaggle.

Number 3: (Instant data Scraper)

Instant data Scraper is a chrome extension. It is a most popular data miner. If you want to scrape google map. Such as restaurant, company, ecommerce website etc. information. I prefer to use “Instant data Scraper” It is very easy to use. If you want to extract huge data, you can use it. If you don’t know about how to use Instant data Scraper. Comment below, I’ll try to help you.

Number 4: (Web Scraper)

Web Scraper is also a chrome extension. If you want to scrape or data mine and and others directory website. You can use this data miner. It will help you to extract huge data at a time. If you don’t know about web scraper python, you can use this Web Scraper tool. If you want to know how to use Web scraper to data mine. See YouTube Videos to learn. If you still can’t to do. You can comment below. I’ll try to help you.

See you to next article. Share this article, it give inspiration to write.

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