13 Popular Music Blogs to Submit Your Music

13 Popular Music Blogs to Submit Your Music

13 Popular Music Blogs to Submit Your Music
13 Popular Music Blogs to Submit Your Music
A curated rundown of persuasive music writes that make it simpler to present your music. In the event that your music is astonishing, you’ll have an extraordinary possibility at acquiring openness through these music sites.
Set up a pitching email that incorporates brief fundamentals and adhere to the guidelines that these music sites have worked out decisively. It’s a protracted cycle as you tackle each blog in the rundown yet the prizes and advantages are awesome.

1. AVA Live Radio

Class: Various Genres acknowledged 
A music blog and radio station that traverses 15 channels across the US and Canada. This popular station is heard from one side of the planet to the other side and highlights popular shows like Rock Mania, Rap Caviar, New Music Release Radar, Rewind Wednesday, Fresh Music Friday, Behind The Music meetings and Daily Jax Music Business news and social edge refreshes. Begun in 2005. It has become an all around regarded wellspring of dispatching new music straightforwardly to music fans and industry. They additionally advance every craftsman via online media. Additionally when your music is acknowledged here, you normally get gotten by different distributions who they have close binds with like : Hype Machine, Earmilk, Indie Music Spin, American Pride Magazine, 6ix magazine, and British Invasion Mag. You can without much of a stretch present your most current singles through their “Submit Music” page.
Official Website: www.avaliveradio.info
Submit Music: www.avaliveradio.info/airplay
Charge: Free to submit : 
Charges start at $25-$200 for a long time of Press and PR conveyed more than half a month. Web-based media openness, playlist pivot, radio telecom 15 stations, warning and 2+ google search articles in Music business news.
Compelling? : Very, viable. Magnificent standing among industry and specialists. Craftsmen report expansion in web-based media adherents, openness and ensured radio and playlist revolution, you can see individuals remarking on the blog entries and social feeds : ** There is a real criticism page on their webpage: www.avaliveradio.info/input
Make the following stride in dispatching your music profession with Spotify Ads :
This is the ONLY Spotify Promotional bundle that DOES NOT utilize bots and phony records to imitate genuine plays. Perceive how it functions. https://www.avaliveradio.info/highlighted/music-promotion
Is it true that you are prepared to have your music playing across 15 transmissions live?

2. Outside the box Music Spin 

Kinds: All Genres 
An industry pamphlet that conveys new music, recordings and music news straightforwardly to endorsers. The traffic has more than 20,000 hits every day and supports each posting via web-based media also.
Official Website: www.indiemusicspin.com
Submit Music: http://indiemusicspin.com/submit-music/
Charge: Free to submit : Fees start at $99 for a public statement, different web-based media posts, email pamphlet and extraordinary google SEO results.
Compelling? : Very compelling with high google indexed lists that have countable traffic to the pages. You can demand page details and see various web-based media posts about your music being flowed across a functioning online media following upheld by different destinations. Craftsmen have announced this to be a successful method to dispatch music and numerous specialists are seen utilizing the site for each delivery.

3. Independent Shuffle

Kinds: “We like complicated outside the box rock and downtempo/house. Please no exemplary stone/business pop/soul/R&B or melodies beginning with “wah ooohhh ah ahhh.””
Independent Shuffle was established in 2009 cover a different choice of classifications. They just offer good audits of the independent music that they feel is commendable and up to standard. They make certain to express that they don’t care for auto-tune, don’t cover blends, and by and large avoid YouTube.
Independent Shuffle normally shares as blog entry (88.0%), playlist (12.0%)
In view of late endorsements, they favor Downtempo/Minimal Electronic, Instrumental, Bedroom/Lo-fi Pop, Indie Electro and Indie Rock.
Official Website: https://www.indieshuffle.com/
Submit Music: https://www.submithub.com/blog/outside the box mix
*Do not submit on ends of the week.
Charge: Free to submit : Upcharges can be considered typical:
Compelling? : Some specialists revealed seeing some traffic from a delivery and playlist spot. Great soundcloud action and twitter following. I like that I can rapidly audit music directly on their site on one page.

4. A&R Factory

Types: Various Genres
A&R Factory is a music blog that began in 2012. It has become an all around regarded craftsman and collection blog and has been named as one of the main ten websites in the UK and top 100 around the world. You can without much of a stretch present your demos through their “Submit Music” page:
Official Website: https://anrfactory.com
Submit Music: https://anrfactory.com/submit-demo
Charge: Free to submit : 
Expenses start at $25 for 1 posting
Powerful? : They have a decent standing however little web-based media following and no commitment.

5. Independent Music Filter

Classes: Indie
Independent Music Filter is a Toronto-based music blog. They highlight recordings, audits and streaming playlists.They have the best new exceptional non mainstream groups.
Official Website: https://indiemusicfilter.com/
Submit Music: indiemusicfilter@gmail.com
Charge: Free to submit
Successful? The blog is curated actually so the accommodation cycle is close to home. You need to perceive what the caretaker is as of now posting and ensure you fit with the mind-set of the blog at the hour of accommodation. They have gained notoriety for finding new specialists and I read their blog yet exceptionally little web-based media following at this point. I discover the blog to be not difficult to peruse and industry well disposed. I like that I can watch music video on the landing page rapidly.

6. Earmilk

Classes: Various Genres
A music revelation and news webpage with a strong after and binds to different online journals. It’s hard to get on the radar however some of the time you luck out.
Official Website: www.earmilk.com
Submit Music: https://www.submithub.com/blog/earmilk
Charge: All entries should be done through Submit center which has expenses to submit and is a precarious cycle.
Powerful? Exceptionally successful in the event that you can get an element. Most highlights have a superior shot through a PR firm with close connections to the site.

7. INDIE88

Types: Indie
Indie88 is a Toronto-based blog and is Canada’s first independent music station. Craftsmen can present their music and get found as the blog does huge loads of audits, reviews, and highlights — all supporting independent performers. like you. It has an Internet radio broadcast that transfers a cautiously curated playlist of non mainstream breakout specialists. Indie88 gives a stage to arising craftsmen while giving recognition to the works of art that propelled them.
Official Website: https://indie88.com/
Submit Music: https://indie88.com/present your-music/

8. Xune Mag

Classes: Various Genres
Xune Mag love to highlight new music and meetings from arising craftsmen. They set to reveal the best autonomous and arising craftsmen from across the world. It acknowledges entries from groups and specialists of pretty much every class, offering arising, unsigned performers the chance to be evaluated, met and added to playlists.
Official Website: https://xunemag.com/
Submit Music: https://xunemag.com/submit-music/

9. The Music Ninja

Types: Various Genres
The Music Ninja is a multi-type music revelation site steers music audience members from ‘terrible tedious music’ towards more imaginative outside the box music goodness. The site makes playlists from new craftsman revelations, and spotlights on every day updates of certifiable exceptional specialists across all types whose music genuinely has the right to be shared.
Official Website: http://www.themusicninja.com/
Submit Music: http://www.themusicninja.com/contact/

10. Aquarium Drunkard

Classes: Various Genres
Aquarium Drunkard began in 2005 and situated in Los Angeles. Its a mixed sound diary zeroed in on day by day audits, interviews, highlights, digital broadcasts and meetings. They essentially cover contemporary sounds with psych, jazz, vanguard, people, carport, funk and some more.
Official Website: https://aquariumdrunkard.com/
Submit Music: https://aquariumdrunkard.com/contact/

11. Corrosive Stag

Sorts: Electronic
Corrosive Stag is an Australian-based music news site that is committed to sharing the music. It’s additionally Australia’s driving Hype Machine recorded site with more than 3,800 adherents. They primarily center lectronica, electro, disco, house, groove, funk, soul, dance, electro-RnB, future-beat. The blog has Apple Music and Spotify playlists that include a portion of the blog’s #1 music.
Official Website: https://acidstag.com
Submit Music: https://acidstag.com/about/

12. Birp.fm

Classes: Various Genres
BIRP highlights a month to month aggregation of +100 tracks that are allowed to stream or download. They’re likewise accessible on various different administrations like Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, YouTube, Deezer. It’s a playlist aggregator and blog committed to new and unsigned specialists and groups. The site additionally goes about as a center point for a developing local area of individuals that adoration to share and discuss music. You can present your music either through submit center point or an actual collection or demo for thought and survey.
Official Website: http://www.birp.fm/
Submit Music: http://www.birp.fm/craftsman/Submission

13. Actuality

Types: Various Genres
Actuality was set up in London in 2003 as an every other month music and youth culture magazine and has been famous for profiling future stars. They likewise includes its own marked video content. They have figured out how to include visual substance that has been seen more than 30 million times because of their lead arrangement Against The Clock. With more than 150 scenes, Against The Clock has highlighted outline besting rap maker Zaytoven, drum and bass legend Roni Size, Lady Gaga’s visit DJ Lady Starlight and Future maker Southside.
Official Website: https://www.factmag.com/
Submit Music: promos@factmag.com